Help put on the dance

  1. Bring snacks. Snacks are always welcome, and you’ll get a round of applause at the break! Contra, for some reason leans towards healthier snacks (fruit and pretzels) while English has traditionally gone more decadent, with people outdoing each other for the best pies, cakes and cookies. Fancier snacks brought to Contra disappear quickly, and so do healthy snacks at English, so this is tradition, not a requirement. If your main criteria for coming to a dance is the food, pick English.
  2. Volunteer to come early to a Dance to let the musicians in, buzz people into Contra, take money, etc. Typically, opener duties end by the break. You’re not stuck by the door all night.
  3. Come to a meeting. There are meetings to schedule bands and meetings to plan special events. Pick your favorite event, and help make next year’s a success! Most special events need people to setup, people to collect money/stand by the door, and people to clean up when we’re done dancing.