Why You’ll Love ECD

So, we are sure after all this history and information about English Country Dance you are asking yourself “Why will I love English Country Dance?” And the best answer we can give is that there are many reasons why you may love it.

People like Aniela love the history and romance of this style of dancing. There is something to be said for the grace and manners that come naturally while winding your way through the figures. She says…

“I’ve always been a fan of history in general and the regency period in particular. It’s a blast to be able to transport oneself so easily into another time. The music is so intoxicating and the figures have such potential for drama. I feel like I’m in a new movie, playing a new character with each new song. It’s wonderfully freeing to dance and let go and know that you are carrying some long held tradition of courtship, full of intrigue and suspense. Who wouldn’t want that every week?”

Others enjoy the music. Such a wide variety of jigs, reels, and waltzes, some with mystical sounding Irish and Celtic airs; others filled with the raw passion of old world Spanish and Romany love songs. The sweet melodies of the English countryside, suitable for demure flirtations, or wilder frenzies for bolder personalities. There is flavor and flair for every dancer.  Laurel says…

“What I love about it is the variety. Different keys, time signatures, and character, as a musician, I love playing something new with every song. Being able to dance to live music really is the best.”

Some agree that it’s all about the people. There is no nicer group of people than a crowd of English Country Dancers. Unlike Swing, Tango, or Ballroom, English is a social dance style. Moving up and down the set you meet new people every 32 or so bars of music, by the end of the round you will have danced with everyone in the line. Leslie will tell you…

“I especially like it because it’s a dance you can learn easily. You don’t have to spend many months and tons of money and feel silly while you learn. You can jump in and learn right away just by listening to the caller who tells you what to do. It’s a great place for beginners and experienced dancers alike.”

And still others say…

“Moving to the music with varieties in mood and tempo, the interactions that take place with so many people. These are the things I love.” Richard

“It is a very fun, physical opportunity to express oneself artistically in a warm and welcoming community. The historical connection to 18th and 19th century dance culture are important to me professionally and as a personal passion.” Celia

“I enjoy the challenge, exercise and mental stimulation. I’ve formed so many new friendships. One of the best things I’ve ever done is joining the demo team. Learning so much, it’s increased the fun I have when I dance just for enjoyment.” Jon

“The style is so universal and so wholesome. It’s ageless. dancers from 9 to 90 get in the set every week. We like that it’s appropriate for the whole family. Our kids love to spin about in the turns and my husband and I flirt like young sweethearts. It’s really very fun.” Cheryl

“I think it’s intriguing, the timing and the intricacies of the dances, knowing right when to turn and timing your steps to the music. The ones in waltz time just melt your heart. In a period of what feels like a degenerating society, it’s a way for people to interact in a more respectful and respectable manner.” Eric

“It challenges both my mind and my body. It’s very fulfilling to experience progress as we learn the dances and acquire a refined style in our movements. We enjoy the fellowship held among the dancers.” Nancy

“It’s a nice way to relax before the work week starts. I think dancing has made me sharper at work and has improved my memorization skills. Dancing, talking with the group, it’s different than socializing at work or at some bar. You can actually talk and you get to know people. Also, some of the women here are beautiful, wonderful people to dance with.” Anonymous Man

“I’m mainly here for the food. The refreshments break is my favorite part of the night. There’s always a bunch of delicious goodies.” Larry

So we can’t tell you why you will love English Country Dance. We just know that you will.