Two dynamic fiddlers on stage tonight, with Tim switching to guitar from time to time.  Long-time caller Sharon Perry shares the calling tonight with our youngest caller, Maxine McDonald.


Maxine McDonald

Young Maxine McDonald calling has a locked-in sense of timing that is never off, and never obtrusive. Quiet and unassuming, she puts the music first for a sweet evening. Her enthusiasm for the dance is contagious, and stems from a love of historical re-enactment at the Genesee Country Village and Museum–and a delight in twirling on the dance floor!

Sharon Perry

Sharon Perry is a long-time local caller who refined her skills at contra caller’s camp sponsored by the Country Dance and Song Society at Pinewoods.  Sharon exhibits a calm demeanor and has long experience calling both regionally and up and down the east coast.


Tim Ball And Liza Sommers

Tim Ball, Liza Sommers

Tim Ball has been on the contra music scene for about 10 years, playing fiddle with TuneScape, Tempest, Arise and Go and many other bands.  He travels throughout the country making music and when home in Ithaca, teaches a couple dozen fiddle students.  In addition, Tim has taught for the past few years at the Kanack School Fiddle Camp.  It is there that he met Liza Sommers, a dynamic fiddler who is part of the band Ginger Majority.