For English Performers

Please note: CDR is making an effort to photograph and/or do some limited video of our events for marketing purposes. Community dances are more fun when lots of people participate, and one of the best ways for us to introduce potential new dancers to Contra and English Country dancing is by sharing photos that show what we do. If you have any concerns about being included and/or tagged in such marketing pictures and videos for  please let us know.

Directions to our regular dance location

Arrival, Sound Check & Tech Stuff
We provide a sound system and tech. We have two SM-57 and one SM-58 mics (and can borrow more if needed), a wireless handheld voice mic, a powered mixer with 8 channels, two house speakers and a single monitor speaker. There is an upright piano in the hall which can be used.

The hall is usually open at 5:45 pm.  The band should arrive by 6 pm, and be ready for a sound check by 6:20.  If your band feels they need more time to set up, please let us know — it’s usually possible to open the hall earlier. Callers should arrive by 6:15.

We advertise our evening dances as beginner friendly, so callers should be prepared to accommodate newcomers if they should show up. Our dancers are good at partnering with new dancers.  Average attendance is 30, with slightly more women than men.  The hall has a good wood floor, about 36 ‘ x 60’.

If you would like to see what we have been dancing, you can access lists of our dance programs at:

We have a break for refreshments beginning at 7:50, and ending at 8:10 (more or less).  Announcements are made by someone from the planning committee as dancers are lining up after the break.  We like to have a final waltz; please leave time for that so we can end at 9:30 pm.

The hall is not air conditioned, but has good cross ventilation and fans provide some heat relief in the summer. It can be on the chilly side for performers in the winter.

We look forward to seeing you
If you have any questions or changes in personnel or if you’re running late please email or call me. My cell phone number is 585-831-0851, and you can reach me by email at gro.r1519268602etseh1519268602cordc1519268602@gnik1519268602ooBhs1519268602ilgnE1519268602.

Richard Sauvain
Booking, Rochester Sunday night English dances