For Contra Performers

Please note: CDR is making an effort to photograph all of our events for marketing purposes. Community dances are more fun when lots of people participate, and one of the best ways for us to introduce potential new dancers to Contra and English Country dancing is by sharing photos that show what we do. If you have any concerns about being included and/or tagged in published pictures please let us know.

Directions to our regular dance location

Contra Dances

Arrival, Sound Check & Tech Stuff

We will provide a sound system and tech. We have six instrument mics, wireless and wired voice mics, an Allen-Heath mixer with 16 channels, a two channel equalizer, two compression boxes, two house speakers and two monitor speakers. Musicians usually share two monitors on a single mix, but we can set up two monitor mixes on request.

The hall is open at 6:45.  The band should arrive by 7:00 at the latest, and be ready for a sound check by 7:20.  If your band feels they need more time to set up, please let us know 1 week in advance. Callers should arrive by 7:00. We offer a pre-dance lesson for beginners and the rusty. If the caller can not make it to the pre-dance lesson, please let us know 1 week in advance.  Performers may park in the small parking lot in the back and enter through the back door (use the buzzer to let someone know you’re there).

Also, if you need us to provide a piano or any other equipment, please let me know! We do have an electric keyboard on site, a Roland RD600. It comes with adjustable stand and a pedal.  We also have an old upright piano.

Feel free to consider one teaching tip or style point during the evening.

Announcements are made by the Board Host before the last contra dance before the break.

We request that the break begin at 8:50 or 8:55, and end at 9:05 or 9:10.

Each “half” ends with a waltz. If the band is willing and able, our dancers would enjoy a hambo or other couples’ dance at the end of the break.

While variety in a dance program can be fun, our dancers like contras best. Consider limiting the number of non-contra dances (a request, not a requirement).

Also, because our dance is on a week night, it’s worth mentioning that long walkthroughs and similar drops in energy level tend to result in our dancers leaving early.

The hall is not air conditioned, but fans provide some heat relief. Please program the evening with this in mind.

We look forward to seeing you
…But if you find you’re running late due to unforeseen circumstances or for any other reason, please notify me as soon as it becomes apparent that you will be late. My phone  number is 585-415-0623.  My email address is gro.r1513428647etseh1513428647cordc1513428647@sgni1513428647koob1513428647.

If you have any questions or changes in personnel please email me… or call me.

Thank you for being part of our wonderful dances!

Bob Fabinski
Booking, Rochester Thursday night Contra Dance